Oldmeldrum's  gastronomical delight.

Spice @ Meldrum Arms.

 it is our aim to source the finest seasonal ingredients then extract the best possible flavour from them; then infusing with rich spices and sauces creating the very best eastern cuisine in Oldmeldrum!
Our patrons Muhammad  have man...y years’ experience within the restaurant sector and have gleaned many secret family recipes and brought them to Oldmeldrum adding a fresh modern and contemporary twist for all our customers to enjoy.
We are sure that we can cater for all diners be them Indian gastronomy aficionados; or newbies to the world of Indian cuisine.
With all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavours, Indian cuisine can be both exciting and intimidating….. “It’s such a complete world of taste. You combine all the techniques from other cuisines and add magical spices to create a taste sensation’’

Contrary to common belief, not all Indian dishes are curries. However, “curry” has become a catch-all name for any spice-based meat or vegetable dish with a sauce. Curries can be watery, dry, red, green, hot, or really, really hot! Our team will gladly guide you in the right choice to ensure you have the best possible experience in dining with us!

We invite you to join us for a culinary delight . Come and taste how much we care!

Indian Restaurant